College of Electrical Engineering possesses a strong faculty team with senior and young experts covering research areas in electrical engineering, automation, communication engineering, information science, computer science. While CEE actively promote inter-discipline researches and cooperation, it also works unceasingly on fundamental scientific researches to contribute to power industry especially development of southwest and northwest region of China. Since 2012, the college has obtained substantial achievement in teaching and scientific research; it has undertaken government-funded scientific research projects such as the national “973 Project”, “863 Project”, National Natural Science Foundation of China, Sub-project of National Sci-Tech Support Plan, Foundation for Basic Research of various types at ministerial and provincial-level, and research projects funded by social organizations in need, achieving a total number of more than one hundred; it has won more than ten awards at ministerial and provincial-level and above level; 455 high-level academic papers have been collected by SCI and EI; it has got 145 patent authorizations; realized an amount of scientific research funds of RMB 180 million, with an annual average funds into school of RMB 36 million.

High level programs and research teams

Hybrid EMS & PMU Date Mining Technologies to Enhance Grid Stability


Research points:

1) A novel dynamic security monitoring and alert structure with hybrid measurement;

2) Fast adaptive power flow control and prevention/emergency rules mining and online application;

3) Association Rules Mining of Power System Parameters Based on Data Fusion

Power Quality Key Lab. of Sichuan University

Power Quality and Premium Power research team has a long research tradition in Electrical Engineering. Prof. Yang Honggeng started with the research work of power quality, especially of power system harmonic in the 1990s. He proposed the fluctuation method for the customer harmonic emission level estimation which has been widely accepted by industry and academia. Prof. Xiao Xianyong operated an active research on voltage sag from 2003, the uncertainty evaluation theory and measure for voltage sag problem and equipment sensitivity proposed by Prof. Xiao have been widely used in many fields. In last 20 years, the scale of the research team has been gradually expanded and many research achievements have been made.

The team has active collaborations with industry, government agencies and universities, and our research mainly focus on a) Power Quality and Premium Power, b) PQ control (especially for harmonic and voltage sag mitigation), c) Power Quality and its Economic Evaluation, and d) Power Quality Valuation Methodology(Price Premium Valuation and Insurance Mechanism of Premium Power). Moreover, a number of important achievements have been made, i.e 1) Published 5 National Planned Textbooks, and more than 10 national invention patents have been granted; 2) More than 200 papers have been published in international academic journals, among which more than 30 are indexed by SCI and more than 100 are indexed by EI. 3) Undertaken over 100 projects from industry and government.